Instructor Bio

👨‍🏫 As a Program Manager of Software Engineering Department at Innopolis University I oversee the quality and success of the software engineering program. My responsibilities include supervising and managing students' theses, enhancing the teaching and learning experience, and conducting internship and educational projects. I also play a key role in interviewing new master's students and organizing bootcamps and workshops.

🎓 In addition to my professional role, I am also a PhD student, a Senior Teacher Assistant, and a Founder of WhileLearn. My passion for software engineering and education drives me. I am actively involved in research, particularly in applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) in education and software engineering. I have developed a tool that utilizes ChatGPT to answer questions about private businesses.

👨‍🏫 As an educator, I teach various courses.These include AI, lean software development, software system design and analysis, product development, and Flutter development. My teaching methods are diverse, incorporating online videos, interactive classes, and assignments to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

🚀 I founded WhileLearn with a vision to empower companies. WhileLearn is a solution that enables companies to use ChatGPT as a chatbot for answering critical business-related questions.

📹 My passion for sharing knowledge extends to content creation.I create content about AI, Education, Software Engineering, and life in general. My platforms are informative and engaging, offering insights and discussions on these topics.

🤝 I am always open to networking and connecting. Feel free to follow, connect, or even message me. You are welcome anytime!

TL;DR (Too Long - read below):
🌟 I'm the Program Manager of the Software Engineering Department at Innopolis University, overseeing program quality and student success, including managing theses and organizing bootcamps.

As a PhD student and Senior Teacher Assistant, I'm deeply involved in education and software engineering, with a focus on NLP applications. I founded WhileLearn, leveraging ChatGPT for business queries. I teach AI, software development, and Flutter, using diverse teaching methods.

Additionally, I create content on AI, education, and software engineering. I'm open to networking, so feel free to connect! 🚀👨‍🏫🤝